Sign Chi Do - Divine Mercy Series

taught by Dr. Anne Borik
Dr. Anne  Borik
Dr. Anne Borik

The Divine Mercy Series introduces a beautiful way of praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The words come alive as we mindfully bring out the gentle gesture of each word. By incorporating motion with music, it allows us to enter deeper into the prayer.

For example, the first principle, which is ‘breath’ reminds us that God’s breath is within us and always present. His Divine Mercy is a gift and is available to all of us if we are open to receive it. The second principle is ‘posture’ or ‘attitude of the heart’. This is where we show the attitude of our heart through our physical posture. It is an authentic way to communicate directly to God with our entire being.

This form of prayer is a great way of quieting the inner chatter that often accompanies us in our daily life. I invite you to experience this devotional prayer using the Sign Chi Do technique of prayer in motion.

In the Divine Mercy series, there are five (5) video modules:

  1. The Introduction to Divine Mercy
  2. Divine Mercy as Medicine
  3. Comprehensive Instruction of the Chaplet in motion.
  4. Beautiful video of children praying the entire Chaplet. You are invited to join in to pray along in this module.
  5. DocTalk called ‘Forgiveness: Your health depends on it.

In addition, you will receive six (6) bonus Audio Meditations called Mercy Meditations.